Are you searching for new, creative ways to connect with your customers? Think PRINT!

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to better reach new customers and establish customer loyalty.

In today’s world of social distancing, remote offices, and virtual meetings, a company’s printed marketing material provides a physical link between people and a brand that is so crucial to building customer loyalty.


This “old school” marketing style is here forever. Print ads, as opposed to oversaturated digital marketing ads, keep your business ahead of the competition by providing long-lasting marketing assets.

Print has the power to engage customers by providing small joy and adoration through brand storytelling.

Did you know 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions? AND, 54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them!

So, what’s the key? Locating the right type of print products that people will want to read and hold on to.

That’s where Solo comes in. 

This list includes some of the top B2B print product ideas for 2021, which we believe clients will adore. Our choices are based on what was popular with our clients in 2020 and what we believe will tie into this next year’s marketing trends.

Whatever print marketing product you’re looking for, Solo Printing makes it easy to produce and deliver right to your customer’s door.

Demonstrating that your consumers are important can keep them coming back for more and inspire favorable word-of-mouth recommendations. Keep in touch with them and keep your company in their minds with some help from branded print marketing collateral.

Your consumers will become loyal followers before you know it, thanks to anything from welcoming postcards to reward cards.

Let’s get started…

  1. Brochures
  2. Booklets
  3. Postcards
  4. Flyers
  5. Self Mailers
  6. Custom Die Cut Products
  7. Magazines
  8. Print Advertisements


As the world opens back up, more and more customers are beginning to shop in stores again.So, what’s the best way to get them there?! Print Marketing! We can help you create thousands of business brochures with just the right finishings to attract customers and leave lasting impressions. Keep them coming back to your brochure to learn more about your products and services or to pass it along and refer a friend.

Brochures are efficient because they are inexpensive, adaptable, appealing to the eye, and include a lot of information.

The best part? Unlike paid online ads that compete in an oversaturated competitive market, brochures have a set price so you won’t experience consistently high cost per clicks.

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Let us help you print branded booklets that will inform and inspire your customers to take action.

Whether it’s travel and hospitality or general company newsletters, printed brochures help ensure that the first experience a customer has with your company is a GREAT one!

Our great selection of paper type, UV finishes, sizes, and attractive binding options allow you to design fully custom print products that we can store until your business is ready for shipment.

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Postcards / Direct Mailers

Promote your brand and demonstrate your offerings with direct mail postcards that Solo will send straight to your customers’ doors. Your consumers will become loyal followers before you know it, thanks to anything from welcoming to reward postcards.

Postcards may be one of the most successful kinds of print marketing for businesses if they are designed properly. Postcards are not thrown away as frequently as other printed materials. Because if a company has a wonderful visual design, readers will frequently store it as a keepsake or collector artwork!

They are a huge hit with restaurants and hotels who showcase beautiful imagery of the experiences they offer and can be mailed directly to their target audience. They also work great for service companies offering discounts to new customers.

According to the DMA Response Rate Report, the response rate for postcards sent to a house is 5.1% with a Return on Investment of 29%. That’s HUGE for business.

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You might think these are old school, but they are still one of the greatest forms of marketing for businesses and events. We offer a variety of different finishes and paper stocks to make sure your flyers grab the attention of onlookers and leave lasting impressions.

Now that more and more people are going back out to restaurants, bars, and downtown areas, street flyers are bringing in a lot of visibility for business offerings.

Flyers are a necessary tool of the marketing mix. Not only are they extremely cost-efficient, they’re a great way to pitch and present your business (and they are easy to hand out!)

Flyers are also effective for Higher Education clients. They help promote programs and events at colleges and universities because they are easily dispersed to their intended audience. You’ve definitely seen college kids passing out flyers by hand or posting them to bulletin boards around campus!

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Self Mailers

If you’re not familiar with self mailers, they are mail pieces that are sent without an envelope. They also happen to be a great way to introduce your product or service because they offer more text space than the average postcard.

The main goal of these mailers is to help you earn you a high return on your direct marketing campaign. According to the DMA, 39% of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising.

With Solo’s help, you can make opening your brand’s self mailer a memorable experience – this leads to greater brand recall and long-term brand impressions. The best part? The receiver is way more likely to form an emotional bond with your brand by physically interacting with the mail item!

Custom Die-Cut Print Products

You have your brand logo and brand colors added to your design… but how can you take your design to the next level to really showcase and speak for your brand?

The answer is…DIE-CUTTING!

Many companies make the mistake of having their designers focus solely on the graphic design, colors, and text of their print campaigns. But, by doing so, they may be overlooking a key opportunity to help build their brand identity. SHAPE!

Ditch the overused square or rectangle sizing of postcards, flyers, and brochures for a unique die-cut shape that will remain consistent throughout all your brand pieces.

Take shape inspiration from your product, your logo, or your brand. You can also use die-cut to enhance the vector or text elements already found on your print design. Solo’s print professionals will add your shape to our die-cutters which will create thousands of perfectly, consistent print pieces.

Source: Pinterest (C.Bianchi)


Did you know that 73% of adults prefer to do their reading paper? And did you know that 94% of people under the age of 25 read magazines? I understand that the figures may appear shocking, but according to MPA Magazine Media, these mind-boggling statistics are true.

If you take a look around the house or at your locals doctor’s office, you will mostly like spot magazines from a few years back. It’s a proven fact that magazines have wonderfully long shelf lives. Adults of all ages read magazines, in fact it is their preferred method of hearing from brands. Why? Because they can do it on their own time! Traditional media, like magazines, are statistically viewed as the most trusted sources of information for customers when considering brands. This trust leads readers to better value brands and to pay extra for those that have caught their eye.

So why should your business consider implementing magazine media into your marketing mix? Well, when it comes to advertising…they are one of the most efficient ways to boost sales and generate a strong return on investment. Sounds ideal for any business!

You don’t even have to think huge, just consider your local target audience. If you aren’t looking to print your own brand magazine, considering advertising in a local one. That’s where our final recommendation comes in….print ads!

Print Advertisements

This is where things get really fun. ? Print ads are a great way to get your brand noticed. There are even awards dedicated to viral print advertisements! Why not make yours one of them?

Designers from companies like McDonald’s and Tabasco are known for their creative print ad series that show off their brands without much thought on the reader’s part. Their ads are unique in what they display, but are obvious in how they tie to the main mission of their brand.

When making a print ad for your brand, don’t be afraid to be comedic or to use today’s current trends! Grab attention with a catchy headline and great imagery that will showcase your product, service, or experience. For maximum exposure, we recommend magazine placements.